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  • Theme 3: Challenging consumerism by design

    Theme 3: Challenging consumerism by design

    Theme leader: Dr. Lenneke Kuijer, Header image: UrbiCamp—image by Shams Hazim; concept owners Piet de Koning, Tjeu van Bussel, and Nina Boelsums. The number of technologies normal living ‘requires’ today in Western societies is a multitude of those a century ago. Not only in terms of direct materials – next to ingredients sourced from…

  • Syllabus


    DCM170, Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Industrial DesignAcademic year: 2022–2023; Semester: B; Quartile: Q4; ECTS: 5Canvas link (TU/e login required) Dan Lockton,,Lenneke Kuijer, S.C.Kuijer@tue.nlEmilia Viaene, Welcome to Researching the Future Everyday (RtFE for short). This is the latest iteration of a course which has been running since 2018, an Industrial Design Master’s…