The healthy living support plan of 2060

Today, the 20th of May, 2060, is the first day of my new healthy living plan, designed through cutting-edge automation and personalized technology to optimize my well-being. I realized that my full-time job including travelling, co-parenting and social activities decreased my motivation for keeping an active lifestyle and led to unhealthy habits such as continuously ordering online or asking Alexa for non-nutritious meals. I gained extreme weight, worked daily inside behind a screen, stopped working out and felt ashamed of how I looked and felt, which made me realize it was time for a change.

A few months ago, I started preparing for this lifestyle switch by finding possibilities in using my own smart home devices, automation, and personalized technology. I dived deeper into IoT, machine learning and ambient intelligence which can help me combine devices, collect data, keep track of my lifestyle and even give suggestions or inspirations towards healthy living.

The need for change is partly personal but also noticeable in my environment that busy lifestyles, the impact of adaptable technology, convenient tools and the influence of a changing climate result in growing apart from our natural healthy habits. The current changing society has a growing ‘negative’ influence on everybody’s health since it is becoming less and less nutritious, fulfilling and motivating. While living in this growing metropolis where supermarkets, fast food restaurants and home delivery are always available, robots help you with tasks, making everything more adaptable, smooth and obvious. A visible outcome is decreasing movement, less pleasure in eating since it became a quick grab and go and creating a different lifestyle. Is this the type of behavior to grow healthy old? Where laziness in combination with smart technological innovations support flexibility and fulfilling wishes instead of actual needs? 

Future wise this might even have a bigger impact than we think due to generation survival in this shifting industry.  I noticed the change into becoming dependent on technology and to prevent myself and hopefully to inspire others to grow even more apart from a healthy lifestyle, I developed a new health supporting plan consisting of an easily implementable software that can be installed on smart home products such as the bed, watch, fridge and phone. 

My developed supporting plan keeps track of daily habits, personal needs and values, such as hours of sleep, steps or other movements, weather circumstances, hydration, dietary wishes, dietary needs, sunlight, body temperature and much more to help you reach your ideal healthy lifestyle. While I was testing the software on my smart products, I realised how simple this can be implemented and what small habit changes for effect can bring. I will take you along a short part of my new morning routine including automation and personalised technology that helped me wake up easier and feel productive enough to start the day.

‘With adapting the supporting plan on my in-home devices my day starts when my alarm goes off while my smart bed directly helps me gently raise into a seated position in combination with calming music that is played in the background, which motivates me to start my day. Through the connected devices, my watch notices based on my past meals, movement and hours of sleep what kind of breakfast I need and sends input to my fridge which suggests options based on my available time and groceries. While making myself ready, the ambient lighting in the bathroom brightens in a nice way to simulate a sunrise which gives me more energy. After my morning routine, it is time for breakfast, while entering the kitchen, the kitchen bot is ready to help me prepare my meals that my smart fridge is suggesting. Based on my groceries, needs and partly my wishes it shows a few nutritious options that I can make together with my bot. This makes it more fun to cook together, saving time and learning to combine simple ingredients to prepare healthy wholesome meals. I made my first try-out day such a nice banana bread without sugar made of leftover, almost expired bananas, that I never made before. I turned out so well!’ 

Depending on timings, the system can also motivate you to do short workouts, keep track of your steps and keep on inspiring you to move during the day to help you reach your personal goals. 

This was just a very short glimpse of my morning from my new 2060 health plan, supported by advanced automation and personalized technology that will improve your daily routine. The goal of this plan is to optimize your health and lead to more productivity, overall well-being and a happier life while making use of smart technology instead of becoming dependent on it. As taking you part of my journey, I will share next week another part of my routine to keep you inspired and hopefully motivated to take part in this change. 


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