®Teva Tales: Timeless Nostalgia

April 2018. As I open the bottom drawer of my clothing closet, I pick up a pair of  ®Teva’s | An immediate gentle waft of pleasantly warm, yet fresh air brushes against my face as the windows of our beloved family vehicle glide down. The melodic strains of Madonna’s “Die Another Day” reverberate through an unfamiliar cityscape, deprived of any other souls, in the southern reaches of France. It’s 10:00 PM, and the temperature has settled at a balmy 23 degrees Celsius on this idyllic August evening. My brother occupies the front seat, nodding along to the music with a radiant smile directed at our father, who drives the car, mirroring his joy. My father, then looks at me and speaks his familiar phrase in Dutch: “Leuk Suus?” recognizing the serene sensation enveloping me at that precise moment. We just had dinner at a Pittoresque restaurant, filled with laughter and jokes, evaluating our precious day of building a 6-meter wide dam at a small river near an arched bridge. For the remainder of the day, we swam in the little pool of water that had gradually formed over time – effortlessly floating with our matching  ®Teva shoes naturally finding their way to the water’s surface.  As I extend my hand out of the car window, embracing the breeze of France, the music fades into silence as my father announces our arrival at the campsite. The atmosphere shifts to silence as the car slows to a speed of 15 km/h, and we are surrounded by nature, greeted by that unique yet recognizable community of life  – a sense of reflection washes over me.  |  I gently place the  ®Teva shoes atop the growing mound of footwear in the donation bag, knowing they’ll find new life with relatives who are parents to children.

It’s 2032. A little girl sprints me by as I walk over a renovated bridge on a summer morning. She’s around 9 years old, with vibrant red hair and a charming matching floral dress, topped off with a pair of red  ®Teva shoes peeking from beneath. She points down as she enthusiastically speaks about hearing the river that lies 10 meters downward. She is going to swim with her family, who are now walking towards her – carrying a beach bag, coolbox, and sunscreen. I can’t help but feel a smile forming and setting on my face, caused by the bomb of nostalgia kicking in.

The narrative in this story revolves around an object,  ®Teva’s, that plays a peculiar role in my life specifically. Nonetheless, hearing the sound of a French city in the background of a phone call,  being surprised by the playing of “Die Another Day” in unexpected circumstances, or feeling a certain temperature waft of air on my face would instantly bring me back to that moment of serenity and joy. Research by Dr. Tim Wildschut at Southampton University revealed that indulging in nostalgic reminiscing often leads to people feeling more socially connected and optimistic about their future because continuity with the past provides them with a positive outlook towards what lies ahead (Bassett, 2023).

As a result, there might be potential to tap into this powerful psychological phenomenon to drive user engagement, with time playing a crucial role. Understanding nostalgia’s power and influence over our behaviors brings elements such as sensory recognition, emotional connection, familiarity, and comfort to the forefront. Although nostalgia often carries a deeply personal resonance, there exists a discernible ‘red thread’ that weaves through collective experiences. Consider the distinct eras of different generations, like the 80s, 90s, or 2000s. From cultural hypes to technological advancements and even fashion trends, many aspects of our shared history can be traced back to specific moments in time.

But why out of all the life experiences, did I choose this particular story to exemplify nostalgia? I believe it’s because this moment specifically excelled in height, due to my holiday expectations being modestly low. In my childhood, vacations were never meticulously planned; it meant driving to the south with a Caravan hitched behind our car. As Morgan Housel aptly puts it, “Happiness is The Gap Between Expectations and Reality” (Oppung, 2023). Jodi Picoult further elaborates on this notion, stating, “There are two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations” (Oppung, 2023).

In conclusion, the power of nostalgia lies in its ability to evoke deep emotional connections and transport us back to cherished moments of the past, while at the same time, according to Wildschut, results in feeling more socially connected and optimistic about the future. Coming back to the rocking  ®Teva water shoes, I see my child sporting the very same footwear, and the thought fills me with excitement, anticipating the nostalgic memories that will be created in them. The medium of this object holds therefore great value, and it serves as a bridge between generations, linking past experiences with future ones.


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