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  • Exhibition Catalogue 2023 (pdf)

    Exhibition Catalogue 2023 (pdf)

  • The IMAGINE project

    The IMAGINE project

  • June 02023 meets June 02038

    June 02023 meets June 02038

    Experience six glimpses of everyday life in 15 years’ time, from students of Researching the Future Everyday (at least some of whom are time-travellers). There will also be ice cream. In the Disruptor building, TU/e Open from 14.00–16.30 Followed by drinks and snacks You’re welcome to drop in any time! More details to follow

  • Theme 1: The Time-Travellers

    Theme 1: The Time-Travellers

    Alternative titles: Prefigurative Hindsight or Imagination Interventions Theme leader: Dr Dan Lockton, Background You and your team have been sent from 2038* back to 2023. You are time-travellers, sent specifically to intervene—via design—to enable people to imagine new ways of thinking and living. In the 2030s, with the effects of climate crisis and how…

  • Syllabus


    DCM170, Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Industrial DesignAcademic year: 2022–2023; Semester: B; Quartile: Q4; ECTS: 5Canvas link (TU/e login required) Dan Lockton,,Lenneke Kuijer, S.C.Kuijer@tue.nlEmilia Viaene, Welcome to Researching the Future Everyday (RtFE for short). This is the latest iteration of a course which has been running since 2018, an Industrial Design Master’s…

  • What we’re doing, week by week

    What we’re doing, week by week

  • A letter from the future

    A letter from the future